The following caselets are based on the real issues that many of our clients have encountered. To maintain the confidentiality, the names of the clients and with their locations in the cases have been changed. This section is meant for twin purposes. One, to demonstrate the constraints and bottlenecks that educational institutes face with their existing technology-bandwidth to initiate online payments. Two, these cases also exemplify the flexibility and customization options available with Feepal that makes us an apt and frugal solution for educational institutes.


Case I

Ravi Bal Bharti is a school in Delhi and want that the payers can pay online. In the name of technology the school just has a static website which is managed by one of the Computer teacher. The school is hesitant to invest any money in technology but is looking for a solution that is world class and secure.


Feepal can help Ravi Bal Bharti School to initiate online payments. There is no need to invest in technology and school can instantly start the same by just putting a simple HTML link on the website. There are many "Do it yourself" features available on Feepal Dashboard by which the school can create 100% secure payment environment in just few minutes. Anybody in the school with minimal computer knowledge can do the same.


Case II

Inspiration is a coaching institute in Faridabad. The institute wants to start online admission for its classroom courses. However the institute requires the photograph(s) and mark sheet(s) of the students enrolling for the various courses. In the name of technology the institute just has a static website which is outsourced to a small IT vendor. The institute also wants that once the seats are filled for a batch the online admission of the course should disable from the website with minimum delay. IT vendor of the institute is slow and at times charges additional fee for small changes in the website.


Using Feepal the institute can customize the pre-payment and post payment forms and environment. In the post payment environment there are provisions that institute can enable the payers to upload the files like mark sheet, photograph etc.

All these are "Do it Yourself Features" that anybody with normal computer knowledge can do for the institute.


Case III

Silver Well Public School, Noida uses an ERP for the school management. ERP does not have a "Parent Module" and it's only the school's staff that has access to it. The school want that students should pay the fee online but for financial discipline want that user should not input the fee amount, but the system should display the same on the basis of the Student’s ID. Since the school already has installed ERP which its staff is using since years, they are looking for a solution that can complement their existing ERP. They are also very particular about the cost and security


The school can upload the student’s fee data in simple excel sheet on Feepal and put a simple HTML link on their website. Rest everything we take care of!


Case IV

Student's Academy, Jaipur uses an ERP for the school management. ERP has the "Parent Login" where the parents and guardians can see the due amount, but cannot pay online. The school wants to add this new feature.


Feepal has world class API's to pull and push data from the ERPs and software. The school can talk to the ERP company and by a simple API integration, they can create a system in which no human intervention is required after the payment is successful. Through API's the ERP pushes the student details and amount due to Feepal. If the payment is successful, Feepal pushes the transaction information to ERP where it get stored.