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WHITE SEPAL SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED is committed to safeguarding your privacy and upholding the highest levels of information security. To that end, the company adheres to the strictest consumer privacy guidelines and uses state-of-the-art security technology to protect any information you provide to and through our website,, or any other sites owned or operated by WHITE SEPAL SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED. (hereinafter referred to as the "FeePal").


Unregistered & Registered Users

As and when decided by FeePal certain services may or may not require registration. Users may clearly understand that access to services on FeePal is clear discretion of FeePal.


Commitment to Respect & Protect Customer's Privacy

FeePal, protects & takes steps to protect & safeguard the complete privacy of our customers. We strive to take all care possible of the information that is received from you.


Scope of the Privacy Policy

It addresses the privacy extended to the visitors of & also identifies the type of data & information, we collect from visitors, how we disclose and use it & the steps we take to protect the privacy.


Collection of Information

When you setup an account with us, contact us, or participate in activities on our site, we gather personal information from you such as name, e-mail address, mobile phone number, etc. When you visit our site, we may maintain some information about your visit such as your computer's IP, browser type, time visited, etc.

We do not collect personal information from you when you visit our site unless you intend to advertise or use our services or want to know more about them. We may however, track the non – personal information about your visit which may include your domain name, webpage or complete URL from which you entered our sites , your IP address & how much time you spend on our pages etc. In order to operate the Site and provide you with information on orders, services & offers that may be of interest to you, we may collect profile information (i.e. information that could be used to contact you such as full name, postal address, phone number and email address), financial information (e.g. passwords and credit card numbers), demographic information (e.g. zip code, hometown, gender, purchase history information and age), public information such as user ratings and reviews and a user name from you.


Use of Information

All information shared with FeePal (as part of using any of our services) is available only with FeePal. FeePal does not share individual information of users with any other third party except in cases wherein such information sharing becomes necessary to provide a particular service. For example your details are needed to be shared with the school/ college/ coaching to process an fee payment.

We use personal information to personalize and customize the service to you. In addition, we use the information to promote services to you and for product improvement purposes. We also use the information to troubleshoot issues; for our safety and to protect us against error, fraud, and crimes; diagnose problems; as advised as time of information collection; and to administer the terms and conditions. We may share this information with other corporate affiliates and entities for the same reasons mentioned above.


Links to other sites

You may come across links to other sites as you browse our site.’s privacy policies do not apply to those sites. We cannot be held accountable for the reliability of the service and data of the other sites, and thus are not responsible for their privacy policy. We recommend you to read the other sites' privacy policy.



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Security Safeguards uses stringent security guidelines and some of the highest security standards to protect our customers from security issues, and any loss and misuse of their information.



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Cancellation Policy

  1. The partner school/college and institutes can cancel the fees paid through Feepal with or without informing the payer as per their respective policies.
  2. The onus of filling the correct personal details for fee payment is on payer. If the personal details filled by the payer is incorrect or are partially correct, Feepal has the right to cancel the payment with or without the consent of the institute.
  3. If the payer wants to cancel the fees paid through Feepal, they have to contact the White Sepal Services Private Limited within 12 hours of making the payment through Feepal.
  4. In case Feepal has already settled the amount to the institute for which the payment is made, the cancellation would take place as per the policies and the terms and conditions of the respective institute.